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Artist: Avantasia Feat. Alice Cooper
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Year: 2007



"Avantasia" is a story composed as metal album by Tobias Sammet's Avantasia.

It is written in the format as a play and the songs are the characters dialogs and inner thoughts.

The album (The Metal Opera) was split into two parts.

(The Metal Opera and The Metal Opera Part II)

The second part of the album was released a year later.

The album features many artists from various power metal bands such as Helloween or Gamma Ray.


"Avantasia" is a portmanteau of the words "avalon" and "fantasia" ("fantasy") and describes

"a world beyond human imagination" (a quotation from the booklet).

The project consists of two CDs containing 23 pieces, which tell a fictional story about a Dominican monk,

Gabriel, in the early 17th century.


1 Plot

2 Religion in Avantasia

3 Music

4 Cast

4.1 Instrumentalists

4.2 Singers




The main character of the story is the young Gabriel Laymann, novice of the Dominican order in the abbey of Mainz.

It's the year 1602 and, with the rest of the order, Gabriel joins in the witch hunts.

But when he is unexpectedly reunited with stepsister Anna Held, who is awaiting trial as a witch, Gabriel begins to doubt.

He sneaks into the library, where he reads a forbidden book.

His mentor Bruder Jakob notices him, and Gabriel is thrown into the dungeon.


While there, he meets an old man, Lugaid Vandroiy, who introduces himself as a druid ("Reach Out for the Light").

He tells Gabriel about another dimension, the world Avantasia, which is in great danger.

Vandroiy offers to help rescue Anna if Gabriel agrees to help Avantasia.

They manage to escape ("Breaking Away"), and Vandroiy takes Gabriel to an old stone pit,

which hides a portal between the two dimensions, and uses it to send Gabriel to Avantasia.


In the meantime, Johann Adam von Bicken, bishop of Mainz,

Bruder Jakob and the bailiff Falk von Kronberg are traveling to Rome to meet the pope Clement VIII ("The Glory of Rome").

With them is the book Gabriel read.

Old documents tell that the book is the last of seven parts of a seal,

which will help its owner to absolute wisdom if he brings it to the tower in the center of Avantasia.


When Gabriel arrives in Avantasia ("Avantasia") he is welcomed by two inhabitants,

the elf Elderane and the dwarf Regrin ("Inside"). They tell him about a war against the forces of evil,

of the pope's plan, and its consequences ("Sign of the Cross").

If the pope uses the seal,

the link between Avantasia and the human world will break down with grievous consequences for both worlds.

Gabriel arrives at the tower just in time, and while the pope talks to a mysterious voice from the inside,

Gabriel manages to steal the seal and, in the chaos he causes, bring it back into the elvish city ("The Tower"),

which marks the end of the first part.


But Gabriel isn't satisfied yet. He wants to find out more about Avantasia, so Elderane sends him to the tree of knowledge.

There Gabriel has a vision of Bruder Jakob enduring great pain in a lake of flames ("The Final Sacrifice").

Elderane tells him about a great golden chalice in the catacombs in Rome, in which innumerable tortured souls are trapped,

and warns him of a beast that guards the chalice.

Despite the elf trying to discourage them, Gabriel and Regrin go back into the human world.

They find the chalice and knock it over, allowing many souls to escape ("Chalice of Agony").

The beast awakes and attacks both of them; the dwarf is killed but Gabriel manages to flee.


Afterwards, Gabriel returns to Vandroiy, who has been waiting for him.

The druid now fulfills his part and sneaks into the prison by night to free Anna.

In the process, he finds a "refined" Bruder Jakob who plans to do the same.

Falk von Kronberg, who has been having doubts of his own ("Memory"), catches them and approaches to arrest them.

A fight breaks out; Vandroiy is killed by Kronberg who is then slain by Bruder Jakob.

Anna escapes and is reunited with Gabriel, and together they go into their unknown future ("Into the Unknown").




Religion in Avantasia

Christendom and the Roman Catholic Church play an important role in the plot.

Men of the Church like Pope Clement VIII are criticised for thinking that they hold the only truth

and that they have to keep the normal people ignorant for their own good, not realising that the Church men

themselves are too blinded to recognise the truth.

Criticism like this appears very often in Sammet's works:

Many Edguy songs like "The Kingdom" (1996) or "Theater of Salvation" (1999) contain themes,

plot and dialogue very similar to those found in Avantasia.





The project is described as a "Metal Opera" because it has an underlying plot and each role has its own singer,

though it's not an opera by the classical definition.

It's merely a collection of pieces, which refer to the individual points of the plot printed in the booklet.


From a stylistic view, the majority of the songs are melodic power metal meshed with a voluminous sound,

many orchestral passages and choral parts, gaining Avantasia recognition as symphonic power metal.

One song from each part, "Inside" and "In Quest For" respectively, is accompanied almost exclusively by piano.

The first part also contains three short instrumental pieces.


The most complex piece is the first song of Part II, "The Seven Angels", featuring seven of the eleven singers.

The song is over 14 minutes long and contains a classical "stanza/refrain" part, two guitar solos, choirs,

a passage with piano accompaniment, and an epic finale.

It also plays an important part in the plot, as it serves as summation of the first part,

and has caused discussion due to the inclusion of lyrics not printed in the booklet.







Henjo Richter - Guitar

Jens Ludwig - Guitar

Norman Meiritz - Guitar

Timo Tolkki - Guitar

Markus Grosskopf - Bass

Alex Holzwarth - Drums

Eric Singer - Drums

Tobias Sammet - Keyboard, Bass

Frank Tischer - Piano






Tobias Sammet - Gabriel Laymann

Michael Kiske - Lugaid Vandroiy

David DeFeis - Bruder Jakob

Ralf Zdiarstek - Bailiff Falk von Kronberg

Sharon den Adel - Anna Held

Rob Rock - Bishop Johann von Bicken

Oliver Hartmann - Pope Clement VIII

Andre Matos - Elderane the Elf

Kai Hansen - Regrin the Dwarf

Timo Tolkki - Mysterious Voice of the Tower

Bob Catley - Tree of Knowledge






The Metal Opera

The Metal Opera part 2

The Scarecrow





Lost in Space Part I

Lost in Space Part II



The Metal Opera


Released July 10, 2001

The Metal Opera is the first full-length album by Tobias Sammet's side project opera, Avantasia.

It is a concept album, and further information on the story can be found here.



Track listing

"Prelude" 1:11

"Reach Out For The Light" 6:33

"Serpents In Paradise" 6:16

"Malleus Maleficarum" 1:43

"Breaking Away" 4:35

"Farewell" 6:33

"The Glory Of Rome" 5:29

"In Nomine Patris" 1:04

"Avantasia" 5:32

"A New Dimension" 1:39

"Inside" 2:24

"Sign of the Cross" 6:26

"The Tower" 9:43[1]




The Metal Opera Part II

Released October 29, 2002

The Metal Opera Pt. II is the second full-length album by Tobias Sammet's side project opera, Avantasia.

It is a concept album, and further information on the story can be found here.



Track listing

"The Seven Angels" 14:17

"No Return" 4:29

"The Looking Glass" 4:53

"In Quest For" 3:54

"The Final Sacrifice" 5:02

"Neverland" 5:00

"Anywhere" 5:29

"Chalice of Agony" 6:00

"Memory" 5:44

"Into the Unknown" 4:29[1]



The Scarecrow


Released January 25, 2008

The Scarecrow is the third full-length Avantasia album by German power metal vocalist Tobias Sammet,

released in January 25th, 2008, on Nuclear Blast Records[1].


Contents [hide]

1 Tracklist

2 Personnel

2.1 Guest vocalists

2.2 Guest musicians

3 Promo Singles

4 Videos

5 Charts

6 References



"Twisted Mind" (6:14)

"The Scarecrow" (11:12)

"Shelter from the Rain" (6:09)

"Carry Me Over" (3:52)

"What Kind of Love" (4:56)

"Another Angel Down" (5:41)

"The Toy Master" (6:21)

"Devil in the Belfry" (4:42)

"Cry Just a Little" (5:15)

"I Don't Believe in Your Love" (5:34)

"Lost in Space" (3:53)



The video for Lost In Space was released in 2007 with the release of the EPs of the same name. In December 2007,

the video for Carry Me Over was released on Myspace.

The EPK (electronic press-kit) is available here, courtesy of Tobias Sammet.


Videos on youtube: - The Scarecrow - Lost in Space - Carry Me Over - Avantasia


Avantasia (EP)

Released May 8, 2001

Avantasia is the self-titled debut EP by Tobias Sammet's side project opera, Avantasia.



Track listing

1;"Avantasia" (Edit Version)

2;"Reach Out For The Light"

3;"Final Sacrifice"



Lost in Space Part I


EP by Avantasia

Released 19 November 2007

Lost in Space Part I is an EP to the Avantasia album The Scarecrow.




Track listing

1;"Lost In Space" (3:52)

2;"Lay All Your Love On Me" (ABBA cover) (4:23)

3;"Another Angel Down" (5:42)

4;"The Story Ain't Over" (4:59)

5;"Return To Avantasia" (0:42)

6;"Ride The Sky" (Lucifer's Friend cover) (2:55)[1]


Bonus features

1;Lost In Space (Video Clip)

2;Lost In Space (Making of Video Clip)

3;Photo Gallery + Poster


Lost in Space Part II

Released 19 November 2007

Lost in Space Part II is an EP to the Avantasia album The Scarecrow.


Track listing

1;"Lost In Space" (3:52)

2;"Promised Land" (4:52)

3;"Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" (Ultravox cover) (3:53)

4;"Scary Eyes" (3:32)

5;"In My Defense" (Freddie Mercury cover) (3:58)

6;"Lost In Space" (Epic Version) (4:36)[1]


Bonus features

1; The Road To Avantasia (Studio Report with interview)

2; Slideshow